Storage Battery systems for renewable electric power

BBS's storage battery systems makes up for weakness of renewable electric power.

There is a hurdle to the further expansion of renewable electric power supply at the national level. The biggest factor of blocking the further expansion is the fluctuation of renewable electric power supply. For example, the solar power plant generates little electric power in the cloudy or rainy day and nothing at night. Futher more, the electricity generated fluctuates in response to the sunlight strength. Thus, simply connecting renewable electric power to the Grid is not always acceptable.

The best solution of that issue is BBS's storage battery systems.

BBS's systems keep batteries in the storage systems sound and normal 3 to 4 times longer with very reasonable cost.

Disaster Prevention Model: 


Surplus Electricity Trade Model: 


Renewable Power System Regulation Model:


BBS-HDS-5KW operates as electric power supplier in case of emergency, trading total electric generating capacity by ordinary.

Instllation for shelter, asylum, camp and so on

BBS-HPS-10KW takes a priority for self-consumption, trading surplus electricity.

Installation for factory, commercial faclities, hospital, agricaltural facilities and so on

BBS-HPPS-500KW brings maximum advantage of renewable electric power to the electric power grid of fire power, hydraulic power and nuclear power.

Installation for solar power plant and so on