Control Table Systems

Miraculously expanded the battery life is.

With great ease, The Control Table Systems gives most batteries a chance to extend their life 3 to 4 times. Each battery has individual character depending on category, size or maker, and that appropriate charge mode changes according to battery character is the essence to extend the battery life. The Control Table Systems has developed thousands of charger control tables to fit the battery character. For the specific battery, the operator can easily change the control table to the optimum one with USB memory. In the case of no appropriate control table software for your battery, just ask us. We quickly develop a new contrl table software to your battery. We commit to your best operation with battery any time any where.

# We have developed thousands of charger control table softwares for Multistage Multi-Loop Method Cycle Recovery Active Chager.

# The Control Table Systems complies both normal charge and active charge.

# The Control Table Systems can be applied not only lead battery but also NiMH battery and Li Battery.

# Contrl Table Software can be easily replaced with USB memory or on the internet.

# We continue to develop Charger Control Tables day after day for other batteries and to update them.

Where and how do you use your battery? 

Anywhere, anyhow, with The Control Table Systems, your battery would servive 3 to 4 times longer.