AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)

Trans-less Ultra AVR developed and introduced world first by BBS.

It automatically adjusts the voltage fructuation of -40% to +20% in 10 msec. It means the output voltage will stay constant anytime anywhere.

The stable voltage keeps your electronic devices troubleproof as was designed.

The AVR series lines up as 1p 3KVA to 10KVA.

Exceeding the voltage limit, the AVR automatically stops and restarts when returning to within limits. 

Automaticaly observe unusual electricity usage and keep a log to trace.

The voltage source is modulated with the pulse-width modulation technique between input filter and output filter at 15KHZ. Then the reference voltage is formed in DC condenser. Now, the output voltage stays constant.

The voltage source (blue) is modulated as a series of pulses that results in a steady current/flux (red) in the inductor. Now, the output voltage are steady as expected.

A three-phase circuit is configured with single-phase and three sets.