Battery Bank Systems.  It is the name of the innovation of battery systems. Also the most reliable source of battery systems which we call "Total Battery Maintenance Systems".

Multistage Multi-Loop Method Cycle Recovery Active Charger Systems

The left chart shows how Multistage Multi-Loop Method Cycle Active Charger can extend the battery life.

Using the traditional charger, your battery wears out alog the first curve. In this case the number 50 is the last charge for this battery.

However, energy charging with the Multistage Multi-Loop Method Cycle Recovery Active Charger, your battery can be charged 3 to 4 times more to the number 185.

The background technologies of Multistage Multi-Loop Method Cycle Recovery Active Charger

■ Extensive softwares based on hundreds of battery troubleshootings.

■ Making diagnoses of the remaining capacity zone of the battery.

■ Making diagnoses of both charger and discharger profiles.

■ Unique recovery technology of cell balance. 

Trans-less Ultra AVR developed and introduced world first by BBS.

It automatically adjusts the voltage fructuation of -40% to +20% in 10 msec. It means the output voltage will stay constant anytime anywhere. The stable voltage keeps your electronic devices troubleproof as was designed. The AVR series lines up as 1p 3KVA to 10KVA.

BBS's storage battery systems makes up for weakness of renewable electric power.

There is a hurdle to the further expansion of renewable electric power supply at the national level. The biggest factor of blocking the further expansion is the fluctuation of renewable electric power supply. For example, the solar power plant generates little electric power in the cloudy or rainy day and nothing at night. Futher more, the electricity generated fluctuates in response to the sunlight strength. Thus, simply connecting renewable electric power to the Grid is not always acceptable.

The best solution of that issue is BBS's storage battery systems.

BBS's systems keep batteries in the storage systems sound and normal 3 to 4 times longer with very reasonable cost.